E Scooter | Electric Scooter | Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

1. Are the e scooters street legal?

We highly recommend that you contact your country’s Department of Motor Vehicles and legislature to see what scooter laws you must follow before purchasing your scooter.
NOTE: Since scooter laws vary from country to country, you are solely responsible for determining the legality of your scooter in your country.
We will not issue any refunds based on claims of unsatisfactory legal status.

2. What's your minimum order quantity?

It is 20’GP. Sample order is usually acceptable, subject to our final confirmation.

3. What are FCL and LCL?

FCL means “Full Container Loading”.
LCL means “Less Container Loading”.

4. Could I mix the container with several different models?

Mixed container is acceptable, subject to our final confirmation.

5. Is scooter easily damaged during transportation?

It depends.
Frank speaking, e scooters can be easily damaged during courier or LCL transportation,
because the package of these products are always big and heavy.
We strongly suggest you order full container, we can make sure that the cargoes be send to you in good condition in the case of FCL,
because our forwarder will arrange a container especially for you.

6. How can I pay for my order?

Usually by T/T. Other payments can be discussed.

7. How long does it take to deliver my vehicle?

It depends on detailed model and quantity.

8. How to arrange shipping insurance?

We can arrange it for you.

9. How will I know when my goods will arrive?

You will be informed of the departure time and ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) upon we send goods out.
You can also trace the container or parcel on Internet.

10. Are the actual scooters exactly same as pictures and specification on website?

We always send you scooters as same as they are online.
But, improvements to products may result in unannounced small changes to specifications and external appearance.

11. How about license of products?

The registered designs or patented or copyrighted products showed in the website only sell to the proprietors or their authorized agents.

12. How fast will the scooters go?

A range for the maximum speed of each scooter is indicated on the product page.
Top speed might vary among different loading weight.

13. How hard is it to assemble my new scooter?

Most scooters can be assembled relatively quickly with basic tools.

14. Are chargers included with the electric scooters?

Yes, of course.

15. Does my e Scooter have to be in the off position when charging?

Yes, it is better for the scooter.

16. What should I do before using my scooter?

To ensure proper operation, read manual thoroughly.
It’s better to have a professional technician do inspection before using it.