Japan’s two major motorcycle manufacturers to develop electric light motorcycle

According to the latest news from the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Honda is developing a power-driven light motorcycle that is expected to go on sale in 2011. Yamaha is also planning to put electric motorcycles into the market after 2010. Japan’s two major motorcycle manufacturers take the lead in high-performance electric motorcycle commercialization, with a view to opening up new markets at home and abroad.
It is reported that Honda and Yamaha will develop an electric vehicle with the same driving performance as the light-duty motorcycle with a displacement of 50cc. This new motorcycle will use a small volume of light weight high-performance lithium battery, with a home power charge can travel 30-100 km. Do not emit carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides during travel. It is estimated that the cost of traveling for 400-500 km of vehicles is 100 yen (about 107 yen in US $ 1), equivalent to one to two percent of ordinary cars.
It is reported that Honda will launch a charge of up to 50 km of light motorcycles, mainly for the Japanese postal group of postal services companies and general distribution business sales, the price is expected to 300,000 -40 million yen. Yamaha will be about 200,000 yen price to launch more than 100 km can drive light motorcycles.
Reported that the two Japanese motorcycle giants are also considering the overseas sales of electric vehicles, according to the country’s charging facilities and parts maintenance system, etc., to determine the time for the product to market overseas markets.
Japan’s domestic motorcycle market has been shrinking since the early 1980s, domestic shipments in 2008 is expected to be reduced by 20% over last year, less than one-fifth of the peak period. The motorcycle manufacturers are hoping to activate the domestic market by launching an electric car.