Oil prices continue to rise, the Australian motorcycle electric car was supernatural powers

All the way to high prices so that people’s trip costs also continue to rise, people desperation under the supernatural powers, abandoned cars to switch to other means of transport.
Australia’s mechanic apprentice Abraham Khoury no longer open his own Honda Civic field to get off work, and instead drive a small motorcycle. He was one of the many Australians who turned the vehicle from a four-wheeler into a two-wheeled vehicle. “The motorcycle is a two – stroke engine, and it ‘s enough to spend $ 15 a week on work.”
“A real motorcycle culture is emerging in the urban areas,” said Ray Newland, a spokesman for the Australian Federal Automobile Industry Chamber of Commerce.
In the UK, policemen driving police patrols on weekdays under high oil prices put on electric golf course buses. Some cities in the United States are preparing to pass a statute that allows the public to drive a golf course to replace the car.