Scooter Safety Tip

Operators must comply with all local laws and regulations. Check with your local police or department of motor vehicles to determine local requirements. Licensing and registration varies from state to state.
Safety helmet, goggles, gloves, elbow and knee pads, appropriate shoes, and bright clothing must be worn while operating this device to reduce potential of injury.

Do not operate Scooter in traffic, wet, frozen, oily or unpaved surfaces. Avoid uneven surfaces, chuckholes, surface cracks, obstacles and night in conditions of darkness.

Operator only, never carry passengers under any circumstances; doing so reduces stability and control, operator needs full use of entire riding surface. Do not put additional load on the scooter by pulling or towing anything.

Pregnant persons should not use this product.

Never use alcohol or drugs before or while operating this device. They slow reaction time and impair judgment.

This product should not be used by minor without adult supervision.

High speeds, jumps and trick maneuvers are dangerous and could result in loss of control and other accidents.

When accelerating or climbing hills, you will need to lean forward, under breaking conditions you will need to lean back, to keep wheels in contact with the ground.

Do not operate the scooter at night. The scooter is not equipped to be operated in the dark or low light condition. It may not be easily visible to pedestrians or other vehicles.

Do not allow the scooter to be used in the rain, nor to be drive though puddles of water. Motor, batteries, and controls can be damaged if expose to water.

Never permit a guest to use this device unless the guest has read owner manual and all labels.

Engine shut off switch is available for rear wheel breaking or use in the event of throttle failure or other emergency when engine shut off is desired.

This product should not be used by any persons unwillingly or unable to take responsibility for their own actions.

Adjust the handlebar height to provide a comfortable and secure riding position on the scooter. The rider’s hands must be able to easily grasp the handlebar controls. Feet must rest comfortably on the foot rest area.

When finished riding the scooter, remove the key and take it with you. This prevents unauthorized use of the product, especially by children.