US dealers to sell China-made electric scooters and cars

“Crowley Chevrolet and Hummer” dealers have been determined, in addition to abandon the possibility of renewing with GM, will soon be a complete stop selling GM cars. In fact, the local newspaper media for several months to constantly speculate how Crowley dealers will face the rapid transformation of the US auto market, this Tuesday Crolwey’s decision was formally finalized, also a quarter of the local newspaper published a “Hartford Dealer refused and GM renewal “of the provocative advertising.
Ken Crowley, who has 12 dealers in seven locations in central central California, does not deny that he expects to sell all CHEVROLET and HUMMER all by the end of September. But before that, he will start selling the first round of motorcycles, motorcycles and electric scooters. Although Crowley himself refused to disclose the agreement with GM, he said that the auto industry was making a change of face, “everything changed and we could not return to the past.”
But this change is quite violent to Crowley. Crowley will completely abandon the sale of high oil consumption in the era of representative of the US-style sports car models, instead of the introduction of Eurospeed Co. launched by the Chinese-made ferry and electric scooters.